About EasyCV.me

Why EasyCV?

Management of an academic medical CV is….
  • Complex
  • Tedious
  • Time consuming
  • Stressful
We can…
  • Make faculty life easier
  • Help promote and accelerate promotion
  • Make departmental management more efficient via reporting tools

What is EasyCV?

EasyCV is a simple web-enabled CV management system
  • For faculty:
    • Easy to compile and manage your medical CV
    • Quick PubMed citation import
    • Automated reminders for updates
    • Faculty can assign delegates to assist
    • Download CV with institutional formatting requirements in place
    • Support promotion process while reducing burden and stress
  • For departmental/divisional management:
    • Easy to generate academic and scholarly departmental reports, promotion dashboard
    • Annual career conference portal integrated into platform

What EasyCV users are saying:

“EasyCV.me makes management of my CV simple and easy. I can log on anytime and easily add new information and formatting is automatic. My assistant has access and this has greatly improved her daily work in assisting me in my CV management. This is so much better and easier than the [institution-specific] word document template.”
“EasyCV.me makes it so much easier to manage my CV”
“EasyCV.me has completely streamlined my CV updating process. There is no messy Word reformatting, it auto-imports my articles from PubMed, and allows for easy downloads from any computer. As our faculty and residents increase their use, it will also allow for much easier tracking of professional activities across our department.”

EasyCV Services:

  • CV Management Software
    • Departments/divisions can license the CV database to help manage and maintain all faculty CVs
    • Departments/divisions obtain full access to all departmental/divisional CVs and comprehensive data reports and analytics along with advanced import tool
    • Custom reports can be designed as requested
    • Departments obtain access to annual career conference portal
  • CV Import Service
    • Let the EasyCV team help you import your CVs – we can do some or all of them!

For more information, contact [email protected]